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Transportation Service

BY Wawasan GMV


Transportation Service

Wawasan GMV Trading Malaysia is equipped with more than 50 trucks in various sizes operating in conjunction with a variety of physical distribution services tailored to your requirements which covers strategic location around Malaysia.

  • General Transportation
  • Container Haulage
  • Heavy Cargo Transportation

General Transportation

  • Dry Bonded & Non Bonded Trucking
  • Conventional Trucking
  • Sophisticated Distribution Hub

Our Transport network covers all major cities throughout Malaysia. All trucks equipped with GPS system. We have vast experience in handling heavy machinery and equipments. We ensure a safe and on time delivery in all our heavy haulage operations. Our Engineering division provide positioning and installations works for all type of heavy machinery.

Trucks are the only way to reach most factories, stores, restaurants and homes. They carry everything, from TVs and computers to clothes, medicine, children’s toys, food and construction materials – all along the production chain, to local stores and doorsteps.

For road transport out of gauge/heavy cargo, we can organize all the road permissions and road surveys required. Wawasan GMV Trading Malaysia has the expertise and the experience of handling project movements in the entire region.